Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SEO Link Checking with Semantic Relevance

How can you tell if inbound or outbounds links point to sites that Goole penalise you for? Is there a way to compare the content of sites that you link to or sites that link to you to see if they're damaging your rankings?

When a site links to you, it's easy to check manually to see if it's a decent site or not. After all, you just have to go into your SEO software and click on the link...

But this doesn't scale well. If you're an SEO consultant or agency with hundreds or thousands of sites, it's impossible to check them all.

Roistr's semantic relevance engine is a good candidate for this task. It can analyse your site and work out its overall 'gist'. It can even compare each page against this gist to make sure your content is reasonably consistent.

But it can also take other sites' content and compare it against yours. This way, you can see if your blog about immigration is being linked to by sites concerned with immigration - or if they're just trying to sell slippers.

We're currently working on providing a nice demonstration. You'll be able to enter a URL and we will compare it against some other sites so you can see if they're on-topic to you or not.

And if it's any good, you can contact us to automate a link-checking solution for all your sites!

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