Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to work this?

Our concept of Roistr is that it works as SaaS - software as a service - that works when requested by clients. Whenever a business needs to understand the meaning of a set of documents or perform a common operation (like finding which ones of a collection are the most similar to a standard), they can access our RESTful API and get results instantly.

But recently, Roistr was accepted for Microsoft's BizSpark programme. This is a nice bonus because it has links to lots of other companies so it's a good networking opportunity. It also provides access to a load of MS software and this got me thinking of whether we should offer the semantic relevance engine as a software product - something boxed or downloaded and used locally rather than purely online. It's certainly possible, assuming that anyone who runs it has a powerful enough machine (multi-core ideally, which isn't so rare these days).

If so, we'll need to work out how this can be done. Roistr's API is restful so it should integrate easily with anything else. A simple HTTP call is made and this can be done via any language worth its salt.

But is there an advantage to be made from offering a Java API? A C# or MS .Net API? We're unsure on this but we now have the tools to make a .Net API thanks to MS.


  1. Hi Alan, I came across Roistr today by chance -- great job! Are you using gensim in there as well? Good luck, Radim

  2. Hi Radim,

    Yes it does! I'll email you with details.