Sunday, October 9, 2011

Value Proposition

The hardest part of the entire process of making Roistr has been effectively communicating the value proposition (i.e., what Roistr can do for businesses). I am generally good with words, but I can see the flaws in any ideas I have.

There was excellent advice on a Quora thread ( which I've used. The gist was to generate a small number of plain English claims about what Roistr can do; there was also advice to present a problem, how Roistr solves it and the resulting benefit.

So what we came up with were three points:

Discover what's really important to your customers
Match your products and services to each individual customer
See increased conversions by providing customers with more relevant offerings

The next step is to tie in an effective demonstration that really communicates the individual relevance aspects to potential customers. I've asked on Quora ( and the question already has several followers but no answers yet.

In other news, I'm preparing an API for release. Because a lot of our work is Python based, Python will be running it. It's a RESTful service (or appears to be - there are some grey areas in the definition) so can be easily accessed with most languages easily enough. With Python, it just requires importing the urllib and urllib2 modules though I might prepare a proper module to simplify operations. The aim is to encourage people to try it out and see what they can do with it, so I want it to be as painless as possible.

I anticipate that the first release of the API should be made within a couple of days.

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