Sunday, October 16, 2011

Roistr's value proposition

Roistr's bottom-line aim is to increase conversions in a way that is quick and integrates simply into a vertical.

We aim to benefit companies by letting them understand relevance in qualitative information in the same way as a human - but much faster and it doesn't get tired. It's difficult to get any computer system to sequentially read a series of documents and be able to provide a measure of meaning, particularly in some way that matters to companies. But Roistr can do it.

How? It can take a set of documents (these could be Twitter tweets, G+ or Facebook posts, forum posts - pretty much anything that someone writes about themselves - and aggregate them as a document and compare them against the product / service offerings. The idea is that a person's posts will indicate their interests and from that, companies can work out the most relevant offering they have for that person.

How easy is it to integrate? This depends a lot upon the host system but Roistr is designed to be as easy to integrate as possible. We have an API. Organisations will have their data as per normal; and they can interrupt their process to send it all to us. We categorise / cluster it according to meaning and send back a list of how each document should be ranked / categorised / clustered using JSON objects.

In summary: we help companies understand the type of data that offers true insights into a person but is extremely hard to analyse; and we do so in a way that integrates as simply as possible with our clients' systems.

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