Monday, October 3, 2011

Getting close to launch

Some stealth mode this is - me writing public blog posts!

Roistr is getting very close to release. The engine itself works beautifully and the next part was to build the website. It's a work in progress (you can see it at so don't expect too much yet!

In case you're curious, the web server and framework is FriendFeed's Tornado which turned out to be pretty good when we grokked it. It's made developing the site very easy indeed; and is an awesome server.

The site will offer web-based demonstrations and an API for more detailed work. The demonstrations will offer:

1) Compare All - submit a bunch of documents and compare each one to every other
2) Planned categorisation - give us some category descriptions and a bunch of documents to be categorised, and we'll do the hard work!
3) Unplanned categorisation - much like the planned categorisation above but you don't need to provide a description. Our semantic analysis will work out which documents are clustered.

The API will be limited in how often it can be used (we have limited hardware and resources being a bootstrapped company) but there will be the opportunity to really test Roistr out in much more detail.

We're also planned a cooler demonstration but we're not sure what yet. Something like if you enter a twitter name, we'll work out which of a 1000 news stories or products are most similar. Suggestions are welcomed!

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