Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This is Roistr

What can you write for a first entry? I guess an introduction to Roistr would be good.

Roistr is a system for semantic association and uses natural language processing techniques to work out how similar 2 (or more!) documents are. This doesn't sound tremendously useful until you think about it in more detail: What Roistr is going to provide is a scalable way for organisations to associate similar documents.

So if you had a job description and a large bunch of resumes, you can find out which resumes most closely match the JD. Or if you have a selection of holidays and a customer who doesn't know exactly which holiday they want, they can write a description of their perfect holiday and Roistr will select the best one. Or if you have a lot of adverts, it will choose which one best matches a page's content.

A lot of work has already been done to solve this type of problem but they don't work in the same way as humans do. Roistr does just that. Already, the core engine (I call it the Semantic Relevance Engine or SRE) can categorise quite well without any training at all. This means that Roistr is like employing an educated person who can match things at a very fast speed.

Right now, we are in stealth mode but getting close to release (hence this blog to begin letting people know what we can do). The core engine works and works well and reliably but providing it as a service is providing a set of challenges that are being swiftly knocked down, one by one.

btw, Roistr is a part of my company, Thought Into Design Ltd which is incorporated in the United Kingdom. Watch this space for more news or twitter on @ThoughtN2Design.

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